Sons of the Never Wrong

“Literate, Witty Folk Music!” Chicago Tribune



SONS are as good as it gets when it comes to skewing the notion of 3-part harmony within original, whimsical songs that spring from both a folk tradition and some other melodic planet you might never have visited. A trio made up of Sue Demel, Deborah Lader and Bruce Roper, these three kind of mixed-up adults of perfect parentage are just crazy enough to think life in the fast lane comes with a banjo (wait, doesn’t it?). For 20 years, Sons has been wowing their fans with their music, humor, and outrageously fun live shows.

Deborah Lader has a folk sensibility that hits me where I live”, says Art Thieme! Deborah’s diverse influences converge and are expressed through her unique and multifaceted music. A nationally recognized visual artist, Deb is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, banjo, etc.) with a special gift for songwritiing and a sought-after affinity for vocal harmony.

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Sue Demel has one of the more unique voices in folk music today”, claims Sing Out Magazine. Whether it’s scatting, chanting, weaving or arranging, Sue explodes the pre-conceived notions of harmony singing. She is a seasoned backup vocalist and her body of work as a songwriter achieves a rare peace between the boundaries of love and redemption.

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Bruce Roper has written the near perfect song”, according to the A.P. Newswire. His lyrics roll off the tongue and his subtle turn of a phrase have the capacity to delight, even when delivered over the 3 chords he learned in eight grade. His reputation in the Folk Industry is that of a crafted, prolific writer. His songs feel like they were written by a wise old poet, yet sung with the innocence of a child. He has a gift for painting the melancholy with words, often with a wink and a nod. In this way, he makes things that are hard to say, easy to hear.

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