Sons of the Never Wrong

“Literate, Witty Folk Music!” Chicago Tribune

King Fisher King

King Fisher King


1. JUST LIKE ARKANSAS (b. roper)

There… there it is as such… your mud boots and your locket
How were you caught unaware… with your gray coat’s empty pocket I turned to go… you lit a fire… took my arm and begged me Lord Lord again I’ll fall… isn’t it just…just like ArkansasYour fathers dreams, you’d thought you’d died I tasted my first cigarette and wasted my first love on you my dearest one my pet and all the children took to mammon… yes ma’am this and yes ma’am that and now I’m here up against the wall… isn’t it just… isn’t it just… just like Arkansas instrumental turn around
It’s a long, long story but it’s hard to tell, sung by a piper with a wooden bell.
Don’t leave me here what some men call the great allegory of the paper doll.
And isn’t just like Arkansas, oh Arkansas? Winter wind of little luck… tugboat heiress in a pick-up truck
should we prevail you and I … oh the great imagination
written in that old old way… no leading man no life’s a stage.
help me now I’m feeling small…. isn’t it just… isn’t it just… just like Arkansas

2. Eve (s. demel)

Depending upon where you are standing could very well be the center of the world, depending upon where you sink your teeth in could very well be the apple a snake gave a girl…

from a garden far across the sea… Eve

Wouldn’t you know last night he was standing, smack dab in the center of my dinning room and wouldn’t you know this time he was wearing a cowboy hat and smelling of old spice perfume

like a garden far across the sea… Eve

And nobody understands it, no one knows why when all you do fells second rate the devel’s standing by… Eve

When God made the stars, the earth and the ocean, the giraffes and the fire and the air and the light when God made the fish and swam back up he was lonesome so out of everything made someone a girl so sweet in His sight

from a garden far across the sea… Eve

3. Over There (b. roper)

I know where the little lamb sleeps like a babe at the wolfs right hand and I know where the hawk and dove fly together so high above

I’ll be going over there… I’ll be going there I’ll be going over there… I’ll… be… go-ing there

should my knees grow weak and I’m half a man let me stand like a giant on shifting sand
raise my spirit in a boat so wide it’ll find it’s way to the other side

bring a drum along, bring a child’s song a diary a pencil and a scheme leave you cares and woes, you’ve had enough of those and rise up with your heart all in a dream… OOOOHH

Take my father my mother fair
All our brother and sisters there
the unknown and the unsung song
gather ‘em up and bring ‘em along

4. Window (d. lader)

My thought just flew out of the window, window, window. I simply watch it go… out of the window. Who is the ghost in the mirror, was she fair, i just stare only so much that the wind can bear… window.

We sang the songs you remember, echoing through the chamber, counting the names on the spiral stair, soon I will go there. Remember

Tell me a story of elm trees, bruised knees, fantasies. I felt the sting of the let it bee, maybe. Careening all over the stove walls, waterfalls, back room halls, I see his face in the market stall… remember. Remember

Dancing the waltz or the tango, tango, I don’t know. Weaving a quilted fandango, we go. Where are the lessons I gave you, gave you, long ago? Watch them blow out of the window. Watch it go. Remember

5. The Great Unknown (b. roper)

We come here Caesar not to bury you… but to praise you god and lord Et tu Brutus my dear friend… with your hand upon your sword
this Rubicon yours then to be, render Caesar unto history with this heavy heart I’ve grown… you can’t go home Why my friend? Because… that’s the great unknown….

Mr. Lincoln I’m standing here… your fate my pistol and lead the theatre has given much… but tonight she takes instead and you belong now to the ages and I alas to books and pages
we’re the fabric of this tome… but you can’t go home Why my friend? Because… that’s the great unknown….

Be though you be every light that’s ever shone.
Be eternity not forgotten, not alone The keeper of the great unknown.

Outside the Dakota December 8… all these songs ringing in my head In a quiet voice like angel tears… not a lyric be misread And I your swan song… it gives me pain and the four harp notes from the shoots that rang such a sad sad song… John you can’t go home Why my friend? Because… that’s the great unknown…..

6. Sword and Pen (b. roper)

when in youth you learned of life, thru hard bound childhood chatter, your innocence did harvest heart, your resource printed matter.
but now you read such steamy stuff, no longer be content the wide eyed child has lost her way somewhere amongst the print.
somewhere amongst the print.

as a boy it was the warrior’s life, off to battle with grenades and missles. my loyalty never of doubt saved for rapiers and dueling pistols.
and at the front i soldiered on against some madman envil fire like invincible sons of hope, all reckless and wild with desire.
all reckless and wild with desire.

there’s the sword and there’s the pen, the soldier and the poet. which of these will do us in, we have no way to know it. will it be shakespeare’s arrows song or some far off battle longing that will bring us to our knees and cry dear Lord for mercy?
and cry… dear Lord for mercy

7. I’d Marry You (d. lader)

If you gave to me some leaves, some paper and some string, I’d sail on my bag of tea across the earl gray sea, if I could see you among the tall reeds… I’d marry you.

If I gave to you a feather, some lace and a ring
I’d fly o’er the summer earth on my waxwings,
If I could tell you secrets of the spring… would you marry me?

Symbols buried come around in time, like some childhood nursery rhyme… Built on same old rocks and poems…

If you gave to me some driftwood, some rosin and some hair, I’d soar on my strings with the sweetest slow air, If I could hear you everywhere… I’d marry you.

If I gave to you some trinkets, some paint and some nails, I’d dream upon a cloud in a room of tall tales, if I could feel you dreaming with me… marry me!

If you give to me some fine red clay, a carving knife, warm sun, I’d send along a letter to my ancestral someone, If I could write to just a one… I’d marry you.

8. Face on Mars (s. demel)

Have you ever noticed the face on mars, well that’s me past the edge of the moon. I have whispered once, I have whispered twice, your names in alphabetical tune.

And I have watched you sleep in twilight, I have pined when the clouds blocked my
view, of ever loving you.

We are refugees through the centuries, me and the sun your lonely star. If he’s told me once, he’s told me twice, out of this dark will come a spark… someday.

Wake up, the light comes thru the window without warning so.. Wake up, those stars steal bright away from mornings.

For though i’ve looked for something, forlorn, for lonely, for love poem answers in rhyme. I reflect in repose, in the mirror you rose, it was you there the sun all this time.

Your lives could be easier but never as full

9. When Friends Are Gone (b. roper)

When friends are gone, it can’t be long
‘til one arrives at their own demise… I know that you can’t hear this song but I shall sing it on and on… I love you…

When little things remind us that what might be gone is never past… that last time though we parted fair I started back but didn’t dare… I love you…

this is not to say, you weren’t once today
ever in my heart… never far apart…

Though lost sometimes in common thought it’s mercy knows what we have not… take heed I say and whisper still our lives are one and ever will… I love you…

10. Tornado (s. demel)

i saw a tornado in the backyard with my dad, i saw a tornado in the back yard with my dad.

the smoke from his cigarette swirled up to the house, it snuck in the backdoor and wouldn’t come out.

and he was smiling the strangest smile, and he was smiling the most peaceful smile.

like he knew some kind of secret about how life spins around and the tiniest part’s when we’re here on the ground.

he’s my hand out the window of the car as we roll by, getting ready to fly…

i saw a tornado in the city today, i saw a tornado, a funnel cloud the weather girl said.
a funnel cloud, he’s a funnel cloud now, a funnel cloud….

11. Compromise Is (b. Roper)

Too many nights are lost when conflicts cost them, I’ll be home today. But no one realizes, compromise is, I’ll be home to stay Lo we get washed away.

Sometimes i feel like the ocean under the ark, babes in the cradle, all the little creatures floating above ascared there in the dark.

Whenever I feel lonely, you are only, well what can I say? Should night be never dire there by the fire, I’ll be home to stay Lo we get washed away.

The river’s down, the river’s down, the river’s down to stay. But are you bound, are you bound, but are you bound to stay.

When angels gather near you, will they hear you? ooooooooooh.

12. Ring (s.demel)

Ring the bell come on and take her, ring the bell down in the hall. I can’t believe that You’d forsake her, it’s obvious your reasoning is flawed… Ring. It’s a little selfish don’t You think, to take the best one?

I’m the sea but wished i was mountains, I’m a snake that wants to walk when Adam named the birds and things, he forgot to name the sorrows all, ring. It’s a little selfish don’t you think, to name the best ones?

We give a mother flowers on the day her babies are born. And in her final hours, give those flowers to every mothers son…

v 4. Bring her up through silvery tunnels, dress her in old virtue’s light, introduce her to the saints and if You must take her tonight… Ring. It’s me who is selfish I know that’s what You’re thinking.. I just wanna keep the best ones…

13. Tic Tac Toe (d. lader)

Tic tac toe, on the window doe’s first single tracks on freshly fallen snow lover’s marks in the bark disappear into the dark how could they know?

Castles raised up in the sand might as well be made from the promised land by two pair of little hands trading cards for memories, ABC’s for cardboard wings always it’s the little things…. how could they know?

Cloud ships rise, in broad daylight then sink into the waves of the north midwestern sky while the rain melts the stain of a child’s sidewalk paint how could we know?

Mothers see and shed their tears, they disappear… baby’s breath, on my neck, it disappears… how could I know?

Shadows fade, in a moonlight serenade
shady leaves they whistle like that outbound refrain then you’re gone, like a song, I’ve no idea which train you’re on how could we know?

14. Best Intentions (s. demel)

There’s a book on the shelf, a book on the couch, a book in the hall leading me out to a book by the door with dog ears and whistling trees.

And if i was sorry, wouldn’t I say i was sorry, and if you were blind, you wouldn’t see.. That all of our best intentions are lost in a net by the Galilea Sea, yes all of our best intentions are lost.

There’s a glass on the ground and one catching light, one telling us how we’re not getting it right. We are failed by our wounds and wounded by failing sight.

I may stumble I may fall oh Lord, on the way up the hill with last of my will.

In south Minnesota they’re hiding the grail, some Irishmen brought it, in secret they sailed to a church by a hill with dog ears and whistling trees. cuz all of our best intentions are lost…

All songs and lyrics © 2012 Sons of the Never Wrong, Faintly Spoken Msic, BMI