Sons of the Never Wrong

“Literate, Witty Folk Music!” Chicago Tribune

One If By Hand

One if by Hand


1. Madame Butterfly

Hello, hello it’s me
I’m calling from a phone booth in Tennessee
I hear you cry
But don’t you worry now
Dry your eyes
I’ve taken a good job working in a cocoon for madame butterfly

She’s not too tough
As long as I tow the line
She says if I work real hard in the spring it will be divine
Tell everyone bout how I miss them and I hope to be home soon
For right now I’m kind of tied up here in madame butterfly’s cocoon

And I’m going in with all my pride
And I’ll see you on the other side

So I says to her
How come love’s like heartaches and heartaches and heartaches and it never ends
She says don’t you get it fool
First it starts over and then it begins?
Besides it wasn’t me it was you beneath the romantic moon
Fantasizing about all the pretty colors here in madame butterfly’s cocoon

I gotta go now I hear the beating of her wings
And every few days she gathers up five or six of us and she makes us sing
Songs of how we love her of her beauty and all that it belies
Hopeless refrains from the cocoon of madame butterfly

2. Comet

Just on the edge of the universe are comets in waiting
They’re anticipating a star flying by
And with enough gravitational pull
This ain’t no bull
A random encounter with time

And that’s me, I’m one of those comets
And that’s you, you’re one of those stars
And that’s love sometimes, lost in heaven
So close but so far away

Time thought that love was the true redeemer
And love thought that time healed all
And sorrow said “Let me clear up the matter
All hearts like stars sometimes fall”

Falling from grace from the first time
Falling arches, falling rain
Falling in love the spirits remember
What the heart can only explain

And that’s me I’m a lonely planet
And that’s you old William Blake
And that’s love sometimes lost in heaven
God’s first and his last mistake

3. Jonah

Where is Jonah now?
In the belly of a big, big fish
Writing his memoirs by candlelight
Lord, won’t you grant him just one final wish

You can run but you cannot hide
You can run but you cannot hide
You can run you can run
In darkness or in sun
You can run but you cannot hide

And where is Janis Ian?
A voice like a bell but I’m just not seein
They say she taken with a band of rouges
I don’t believe it but so I’ve been told

And ever since they tore down the wall
Jonah’s been so lonely and Janis never calls
He swears he’d love lover her better
Could she sing and dance
Second time around given half a chance

Well all god’s children got shoes
All god’s children got shoes
All god’s children got walking shoes
All god’s children got walking to do

One day we shall leave this place
On a wing and a prayer and a saving grace

4. My Last Boyfriend

You got yourself a band and now you’re grooving
I sorta figured I’d be your lead singer
But no, I don’t think so
Cause you happen to be in the a different city and you’re

My last boyfriend
Last boyfriend
Doesn’t come around much anymore
Last boyfriend

You called from the airport when you were travelin through
We talked about the last nine years
In ten minutes
Until your plane took off for Denver
See ya, gotta go

It was the safe thing to do
I had a déjà vu

You were on your way home from visiting your wife’s parents
And they are lovely people from Vermont
Someday I’ll met them
Maybe not

You were the one I wanted back then but then I recovered
And now I’ve got my own band
And I’m married with two kids
Someday you’ll meet them
Maybe not

5. One Simple Question

First there was one
Then there was two
First there was just me by myself
And then there was you
Talk about a heart breaker
Such a fancy dancer
One simple question
No easy answer

Somewhere near the border
Maybe in another state
Perhaps you don’t remember
But then it’s too late
All I ever wanted was a potion
All I ever got was cancer
One simple question
No easy answer

I have want to know
And I have need to see
Why am I bleeding so?
Look, it’s all over me!
You stand there in your smugness
With your scissors and your lancer
One simple question
No easy answer

6. Hallelujah for the Getaway

I was doing my best Roy Rogers
Surrounded in the grass
Hallelujah at the matinee
And with a secret call and a whistle
Trigger saved my ass
Hallelujah at the end of the day

And then it’s back home in the bunkhouse
Tall tales are getting taller
Cowboys say their cowboy prayers just the way they oughta
Lord thank you for the lasso round a horse without feet of clay
And it’s Hallelujah for the getaway

Well a mother and her two daughters about to drive ya mad
Finally got to ya in the middle of the day
Well dad’ll be home in 45
Hallelujah there’s no other way

And then she crawls into a t-shirt says I’m a mother, I give up
For a disorte on time travel with her good friend Vonnegut
Then her husband lies beside her, bites her ear in that special way
And it’s Hallelujah for the getaway

I was just a clay bird, children at my feet
Hallelujah in the morning sun
And then Jesus set my wings to flight so the children they might see
And it’s Hallelujah when the day is done

So then it’s look up all ye doubters to the sky of turquoise gray
And see these wings of gossamer that were once made of clay
Imprisoned are the burdened beasts and freedom child’s play
And it’s Hallelujah for the getaway

7. No 1-4 Me

I had never thought of this
The trouble with predicaments
The broken wing
That always fell
The clatter of the ringing bell

And all it seems the other ones
Were finding love and having fun
Akimbo was my broken heart
A lariat all torn apart

I have no one for me

A heart is not a tree with leaves
You climb about rhetorically
A caper told in Spanish tongues
An altitude that burn the lungs

But worse than that are paper notes
You set to sail in paper boats
Drawing straws who should go
Telling secrets who should know

I have not one for me

One day I shall find a phone
I’ll call her up and she’ll be home
We’ll make a date for lunch and tea
A moonlight walk just her and me

Our kids will all be smart and kind
Then I’ll grow old and loose my mind
A most blessed life
I’ll know not how
Still and all, here and now

I have no one for me

9. Secrets

Have you come here to take my hand
Just like flowers from the snow
Just between us who understands
Beauty has what the heart knows

Secrets, secrets, secrets
Telling secrets to you

No one ever got this far
Without an honest word to tell
And I have often thought of you
Pennies in a wishing well

Secrets, secrets, secrets
Telling secrets to you

And some affairs of the heart
Are sown up in mystery
Some have disguises but still you can see
And the words on this page seem a bird in a cage
Seem a long night awake
Seems the chances we take with all our

Secrets, secrets, secrets
Telling secrets to you

When we’re old and all gone mad
Moments at the edge of time
You’ll recall all the words we had
Cept the ones that would not rhyme

Secrets, secrets, secrets
Telling secrets to you

10. Magnetic Poetry

Words can bleeding
Hearts we’re reading
This one’s for thee

Are you listening
Eyes will entice
Songs with harmonies three parts twice

Cinnamon walls of leaves in falling
Falling for thee

Catch my drift-ing
Boat you’re lifting
Magnetic poetry

I fell for your little bytes of phrases on your refrigerator
I fell for your magnetic, technical, genetic, kinetic, magnetic poetry

Crystal chatter
Wordy matters
This one’s for me

Fill my hours
With poetry towers
Magnetic poetry

I fell for your little bytes of phrases on your refrigerator
I fell for your magnetic, technical, genetic, kinetic, magnetic poetry

Don’t stop, cry, drop
Don’t rhythm or miney-mo
Catch a phrase in my parade and giggle my garden go
Go fly my kite into the night
The rain will make our tea

We’ll worship and whisper with shivery kisses
Magnetic poetry

11. Teva

Well Belinda she had questions, her cat and her they grew up
In house owned by her parents since she was one or two
She never knew her brother since he took off with her mother
Oedipus to her was academic news

And her years spent longing now the subject of my songing
It’s the kind that you read about it books
And I became her lover only to discover
She was quite a sight but she was tougher than she looked

Oh and Jesus he wore Tevas this time upon the water
Peter, Paul, and Mary they did too
Well I would not have noticed but when she fell he caught her
Taken by a different point of view

I was out of step it seems she had just moved from east to west
Her blue eyes caught the sound and made a sound
Considering the notion that life is but an ocean
I took her hand held it real tight so she wouldn’t drown

She told me all her secrets how she felt lost in the world
Of her over-bite and her troubled teenage years
Oh and I became her confidant her man-boy and her juggernaut
But in the end her trail of empty tears

She was a Buddhist from Mesa Beulah she had a bumper sticker that said “Pagans for Regan”
She was Joan of Arc in a different life with fleur de lis
Soon became a Unitarian shortly after the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Ending up in an ashram to proclaim reality

She was married to a Mormon she was a pastor for Zoroaster
And her personal trainer was in bed with Shirley MacLaine
And L. Ron Hubbard had a web page that she was taken with at a certain age
But when I found her she was standing in the rain

12. Home Hymn

I hear my mother calling, calling, calling
I hear my mother she’s calling, it’s dinner, time to come home

When I was little I made a plan to slip away to the promised land
But I could not hear Him calling, calling me home

Can’t you hear me Father I’m calling, calling, calling?
Can’t you hear you Father I’m calling, begging You to carry me home

I’m ready now come pick me up
I’m sick and tired of this earthly stuff

I heard my Father calling, saying you’re already home
(‘n He said) Can’t you hear your lover he’s calling, calling, calling?
Can’t you hear you lover he’s calling begging to carry you home?

You’ll find a house and you’ll stay awhile
And one bright morning you’ll have a child

I hear my baby she’s calling, calling me home
I hear my father he calling, finally calling me home

13. Sleeping Bag

Let’s crawl under this blanket and pretend that it’s a tent
It’s a tent, sleeping bad, no more rent, la, la, la
You be an undercover spy I’m with the government
Secrets passed, message sent, decoder rings, and implements
A millionaire, a beggar, or a thief
Cocktail hour, shopping cart, welfare check, bleeding heart
You’re a doctor making house calls I’m in need of relief
Broken arm, bitten ear, heart attack, it hurts right here

We can be Romeo and Juliet. We can be Michelangelo and David or better yet
We can be Abelard and Heloise. We can be you and me.
Say goodnight, say goodnight yeah, say goodnight say you and me
Say goodnight, say goodnight yeah, say goodnight say you and me

Let’s climb up in that tree and pretend that we’re at sea
Come about, hoist the sail, hard to port, Ahab’s whale
Heavy laden with bounty from the new world discovery
Silver mask, porcelain, gold, questions raised, tales told
On a dark continent safari in the forest and the fray
Herds of beasts, snakes of pain, monkey bites, lion’s mane
Or not even pretend, reality for the day
Holding hands, walk real slow, just be us, just be we

We can be Josephine, Napoleon
We can be Adam and Eve in original sin
We can be old Pompeii, Vesuvius
We can be just be us
Say goodnight, say goodnight yeah, say goodnight say you and me
Say goodnight, say goodnight yeah, say goodnight say you and me

All songs and lyrics © 2000 Sons of the Never Wrong, Faintly Spoken Music, BMI