Sons of the Never Wrong

“Literate, Witty Folk Music!” Chicago Tribune


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“Dynamic, original harmony vocal trio.” WGBH Boston

“The Sons are so adventurous, it’s like they’re saying to the rest of us: have courage and take a chance. I feel so grateful that they are here.” Michael Smith

“The Sons have Revolutionized the world of folk.” UniverCity Magazine

“Although they write some serious songs and give some serious performances, they never take themselves too seriously. They take chances, inventing their own genre as they go.” Sing Out

“Literate, Witty Folk Music!” Chicago Tribune

“Folk Music Reinvented: Sons of the Never Wrong keep pushing the genre forward.” Southwestern Observer

“The person who invented music must have had something like this in mind.” Culture Mob

“A Lead Sound In The Contemporary Folk Music Scene.” Sing Out

“One Song and you’re a fan for life!” Hemmens Theater

“Setting a standard for adult alternative, this lyric intensive music is decidedly ear and mind opening.” Midwest Record

“Their vocal blend sounds like no other; their original songs have wit & heart; their onstage dynamic is nothing short of manic.” The Ark

“The Sons stand out!” Kennedy Center

“Prepare to be blown away.” Under the Grid


“If you haven’t seen them yet, do yourself a favor & get tickets to see Sons of the Never Wrong NOW.” Top Ten

“SONS offer a fresh perspective on a traditional form. The songs, all originals, are lovingly crafted with catchy hooks and clever verses. An exuberant, optimistic approach to music-making.” The Chicago Tribune

“A pop sound with brains” WUMB Boston

“The group never stops moving; each song is performance art, with what i came to think of as vocal isometrics, perfectly controlled & pitched. Their lyrics witty & intelligent.” River Reporter

“Just plain folk? Not here.”Chicago Sun Times

“DARING. Sons blends tradition with innovation,the uncluttered sound of folk, with the energy of rock.” CampusReader

“It doesn’t take a critic’s ear to hear and understand some bands are simply a cut above the norm. Sons of the Never Wrong are one of those bands – Totally fantastic.” Yorkton This Week, Canada

“Sons perform serious, visionary & searingly joyous original music, this is something like a gift from heaven. Do not miss this band!” Andrew Calhoun – Waterbug

“Sons have a sound that is so unique that they are in a class by themselves.” New Texas

“sons are creating their own wave, and their own brand of omni-folk-pop music is about them, not some idealized version of folk. It is, consequently, more real & as it turns out, more universal.” The Voice

“ A bright spot on the horizon of American Folk Music.”Rambles Cultural Arts

“Woody Guthrie once said “I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose.” he’d find kindred spirits in the Sons of the Never Wrong, a folk trio whose exuberance elevates even such bleak themes as spurned lovers and sudden death. There’s so much joy to what they’re doing.” Chicago Magazine

“The band summons an urgent acoustic sound, that frames their literate and tasteful songs excellently.” americanUK

“I still get the ‘goose-bump factor’ when i play this brilliant group.”Steve Jerrett KOPN, MO.

“The Sons are a different breed of musicians, well maybe not a different breed, but certainly at the top of their field. They are introspective, charming storytellers that seem to use their talents to cleanse their souls. They expel a purely natural energy that makes one wonder “how do they do it?” At the least they are natural talent that skips hand in hand with sensational musicianship.” PopMatters Magazine

“Sons is one of those underground acts that everyone in the business talks about, “you should see these guys!” they tell each other on the phone or in the bar.” Argus Leader – Sioux Falls, SD.


“Their lyrics often have the narrative complexity of Leonard Cohen or the nimble wit of Noël Coward. Mention should also be made of the stream of instruments that flowed through the Sons’ inexhaustibly dextrous hands during the night, and also of the gorgeous 3-part harmony that has become their vocal signature. They employ it sparingly, but when Roper’s astringent croon, Lader’s plangent warble, and Demel’s athletic purr twine together like a braid, you can just about keel over from ravishment. Fortunately, it’s is so crowded, there’s nowhere to keel over to; the worst that can happen is a sort of semi-collapse onto your neighbor’s shoulder. With any luck he’s someone you know.” Huffington Post

“These guys are great! Bruce’s writing and vocal style are often whimsical, yet have a realness and depth. They play off each others’ wonderful voices with expert respect for their differences and create highlights & textures which are simply magical.” Music Matters Magazine

“Sons have been fusing pop into their Peter, Paul and Mary sound for the past 18 years. Known for an onstage dynamic that’s as whimsical as their songs.” SPACE

“In addition to attracting critical praise, the Son’s trademark folk style & freewheeling live shows have won them a considerably large following.” Pioneer Press

“Sons were simply magical. It was one of those performances where the energy was so palpable you could feel it in the building when you walked in. I can’t recall seeing an audience so completely engaged and connected to the performance here before. It was an absolute pleasure to have them here.”Steve Abrams -Executive Vice President Harris Theater for Music and Dance Millennium Park

“The Sons’ sound fills a room such that you think the whole world may be listening. Perhaps it is. Wherever they go, the Sons garner acclaim for their sound and perpetual motion.” Acoustic Renaissance

“Sons takes a room full of strangers, and turns them into an audience.” Strong Coffee Magazine

“This trio has a distinct sound that mixes folk with rock, bluegrass and world music.” Chicago Sun Times

“Their vocals lean on jazzy syncopation & counterpoint and their lyrics are even more willing to cross from realism to surrealism.” The Washington Post

“They’re fun and quirky and smart and literate.” TimeOff Online

“This trio is a welcome reminder that mischief and meaning need not be opposing values. Their billowy melodies always surprise, and they bring an almost fearless quirkiness to their lyrics. They rhyme ‘‘Manhattan’’ with ‘‘Lettin’ the cat in’’& turn commentary on the family dog’s unsavory cuisine into an ode to loving for love’s own sake. These collisions of the pedestrian and the profound give their music a decidedly modern mix of cynicism and in-your-face romanticism.” SCOTT ALARIK – The Boston Globe

“The personal glues that hold the group together are a clear joy in performing together, a sense of gratitude to a loyal fan base, and three dry, delightfully skewed senses of humor.” Chicago Tribune

“The music they conjure is FOLK + EAR CANDY.” get

“Nationwide critics agree that this band is special. Singing on standard topics such as life and love and the pursuit of happiness, it’s their view-point which sets the tone. They perform numbers which touch and move the spirit and enjoy the reputation of delivering a rare performance.” Rock River Times

“One of the Top 5 Groups I’ve ever seen live!” Dr. Smith’s Folk Review

“Their writing is inventive, and their arrangements and vocals are simply amazing, a very gifted trio.”Mike Yuhas WYMS WI.

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“Completely unique, alternative folk without the attitude.” Clearwater Folk Festival

“Original songs, vocal harmonies, & eclectic instrumentation create the groundbreaking sounds of one of folk music’s’ most distinctive trios.” Grand River Folk Arts Society

“An incredible listening experience. They’ve been described as Peter, Paul & Mary on prozac, or perhaps the New Christy Minstrels meets Devo! Words fail to convey their charms.” Endangered Folk Series

“Incredible music. I am truly blown away by the beauty & real brilliance of what Sons has created. Rarely do I stumble upon an artist/group who impacts and impresses me to the extent they have. When someone’s songs circle in an endless cycle in my head for days at a time, & when the more I listen to the music, the more I fall in love with it, then I know I’ve found something special.” Martin Anderson – KRVM Oregon

“A mix of folk, & jazz that has garnered remarkable national & international reviews.” Frederick News MD.

“Their onstage demeanor incorporates nearly constant movement, often in the form of stylized dance steps, & a steady flow of shaggy dog stories between songs. However, this Chicago trio sets itself apart from the pack when they step up to the microphones and belt out one of their smart and memorable songs. The blend they create together is one of the most distinctive in folk music.” Dirty Linen

“A cutting-edge folk band.” The Collegian/Penn State

“They are clever and unique, both individually and in their sound as a trio. At times they sing almost trance-like in their own enjoyment of the sound they produce. Their sound is big. Well, no, it’s actually their energy and delivery that is big. Their hamonies are an unpredictable blend of their unique voices.” WJFF New York

“Original songs with tight 3-part harmonies that unexpectedly dive beneath the surface.” Ballad

“The trio has always been a blend of poetry, New Age wonderment, inspired silliness, and mash-up musicianship.” Off Center Review

“it’s like the Roches meet Richard and Linda Thompson.” Chicago Reader

“Everything I needed to learn I learned from listening to the band Sons of the Never Wrong.”

” Not since Peter, Paul, and Mary has a trio offered such perfect harmony in Folk music. Share an evening with one of Folk music’s most unique & acclaimed bands.” Cerritos Center Performing Arts CA

“If you haven’t had the chance to see Sons, it’s something to definitely add to your To-Do list. The trio was absolutely captivating. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a show like theirs.” Indiana Public Radio

“The Sons love harmonies, djembe drums, dulcimers, guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Live, they defy musical categorization and instead simply engage one another and the audience with their obvious joy with infectious harmonies and obvious love of live performance. Fans of a more complex folk sound will no doubt be overjoyed with what the Sons of the Never Wrong bring to the stage.” Acoustic Brew, PA.

“Sons of the Never Wrong has won over hearts across the land, as they deliver witty songs with their signature soaring vocal harmonies and gorgeous arrangements.” Skokie Theater

“And Sons of the never wrong … the music makes the spirit dance and the soul sing.I resonate with it, I am hearing it for the first time, yet feels as thought I always heard it… Such music moves me, a place that language carries a different form.” A Published Gallery

“This funky little trio creates poignant necessary music. Sons has their listeners crying dolefully one minute then choking back laughter the next.” Lerner News

“Hybrid vigor!”

Some CD Reviews –



“It is their gloriously inventive 3-part harmonies that will tickle your ears, bring a smile to your face, and remind you why you started listening to folk music in the first place.”Dan Leski – Broadsides

“Best Folk Album of the Year!” Front Porch Music

“This is knock-your-socks-off stuff!” WDCB

“A stunning debut release.” WGLT

“Three Good Reasons is an irresistible album of modern folk music full of gorgeous soaring harmonies over mandolin – drenched , guitar driven tunes, with a quirky, occasionally twisted songwriting sensibility and a sound that is at once familiar and totally unique. The songs often deal with sadness and longing, but the overall affect is joyous and upbeat. THIS IS INFECTIOUS MUSIC.” A.P. News Wire



“Witty, soaring, lush harmonies and a tremendous spirit of joix-de-vie make Sons’ releases precious gemstones for your life. Filled with passion & amazing craftsmanship, this is folk music at it’s best.” FAO Music & Literary Gazette – Rome

“This ambitious album mixes 3-part harmonies & an almost theatrical sensibility w/ a guitar-driven folk/pop into a bewitching, wonderful mix. It’s modern folk music; sometimes dead serious, always intriguing. This is a gorgeous album firmly rooted in the folk tradition but quite willing to soar beyond those boundaries.” The Associated Press

“Dynamic, uplifting, unusual & beautiful music. Powerful & innovative harmonies swell until they knock you on your fanny. This folk-rock album is so breath taking, I recommend that you bend your ear. Take Jefferson Starship, The Joy of Cooking, a dash of the Beatles, Celtic rock, & throw in a heap of imagination, vocal acrobatics by dynamic singers, eclectic instrumentation, & stir thoroughly. Wow!” Victory Review

“The passion, poetry and overall charm of “Consequence” is enough to make even the most dedicated cynic laugh, cry, dance & sing in a way that most of us have forgotten. And when Roper asks if he can get a witness (Sun song), you’ll surely say AMEN!” UniverCityMagazine



“One of the most original bands of the year.” WCVE

“They have a sense of humor, add a refreshingly new sound to an old genre & an innate sense of what goes well together. This could be the pivotal point of the millenium’s version of folk music, ushered in by the adept hands of Sons’ innovative 3-part harmonies…a sound that is compulsively appealing.” Greenman review

“I love this band… their combination of soaring harmonies, sweet guitar strumming and mandolin-flecked melodies has always proved irresistible to me. Clever writing.such songs as the opening “Madame Butterfly” come close to perfect.” Eric Fidler, Associated Press

“This highly energetic trio once again proves that contemporary folk music can be stimulating as well as involving. Their original songs delivered with the punch of a solar flare leaves the listener basking in an aurora.” Rich Warren “Midnight Special”

“Throughout, the Sons’ harmonies never fail to impress. For fans of eccentric folk and impeccable vocalizations.” NineVolt Magazine



“This cd. is pure genius.” Steve Jerret KOPN

“An intriguing blend of 3 somewhat divergent voices works magic. 4 ever on is a doozy. Unafraid to slam genres into each other, the disk is an evocation of the idea of “song” rather than simply music & words pieced together.” Greenman Review

“Rich in jazzy syncopation, compelling counterpoint, and unanticipated detours.” U. S. 1 Review

“A song-oriented approach with harmonically sophisticated vocals.” HEARD Magazine, Australia

“smartly written songs of sharp, wry reflections…” Sing Out

“A focus on beauty, finely wrought poetry & themes that reflect their years of experience.”High Bias Music



“Their best work thus far!” WFMT

“The “Sons” take us on a leisurely tour through America’s rich historical past, with guitars, banjo, piano, mandolin, fiddle, horns, woodwinds, and even a washboard. The gals have voices like Kate Jacobs, the Roches, or the McGarrigle sisters, while Roper adds a waggish baritone that recalls playful folkies like Peter Stampfel or even Randy Newman. I really enjoyed this.”Jersey Beat

“With each new CD they take another turn that renews the freshness and spontaneity that makes them so appealing. Nuthatch may be their best to date, full of head spinning, musically interesting songs.” Sing Out!

“Nuthatch made my top ten list this year.” Ken Batista WYEP American Sampler

“If you’ve never seen the Son’s in concert, you can’t fully appreciate how entertaining folk music can be. It’s impossible to capture the joyous energy of a live Sons performance, but Nuthatch comes as close as it gets.” WNUR

“Though very few and far between, it is discs like “Nuthatch” that quickly exhaust a pundits descriptive dictionary while giving hope to the musically starved. Collectively Bruce, Deb, & Sue are whimsical and wise alchemists, nudging their tradition based songs toward the edges of jazz, bluegrass, classical, oom-pah & lest we forget where it all comes from, gospel. It is the disc that keeps on giving. No matter how many times you listen, there’s something new that catches your consciousness. You Owe it to yourself to hear this.” Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange



“I have been a big fan of The Sons ever since their first album. Their recordings have continued to delight and impress me. Each CD is more exciting than the last, and this new one is a masterpiece.” Michael Smith

“Symphonic folk by a contemporary & way off kilter CSN unafraid to twist, turn, & tumble traditional folk with a daring-do few risk.” Folk/Music Exchange

“Like an old fashioned folk-singing family Sons combine their talent to support each others songs. Roper writes songs that twist a phrase enough to make it resonate with pathos and a dose of rye humor. His voice is plaintive and searching. He might be the missing Beatle. Demel has a soulful voice that sneaks into your heart and makes a cozy home there. Her songwriting supports the visceral, emotional quality of her voice, but is imbued with its own sense of searching. Lader is the matrix that brings the elements together. She writes songs that inspire other lyricists and fit into the balance of the Sons. “Leona” is an example of the beauty and the versatility of her voice. All of the pieces fit. This might be the best disc you buy this year.”Paul BARILE

“Backed with a string quartet underpinning the often left of center lyrics, Sons have moved way beyond simply being an out there folk trio and moved into something else entirely. They turned an important corner they won’t be coming back from almost unlocking a door to the 60s where the bar was raised separating the innovators from the pretenders. Hot stuff.” Midwest Record

“Terrific CD… full of that wonderful, & very special sound that makes Sons truly unique.” Gene Shay



A special collaboration by Sons with some of Chicago’s most influential folk artists including Michael Smith, Corky Siegel, Al Day, Ed Holstein, Megon McDonough, Andrew Calhoun etc. A halleluia hootenany where Sons invited each musician to bring a song to the studio they considered holy in some way, and then the permission to “sons-ify” it.

“Suppose you wandered into your fave Chicago folk bar around 40 years ago and would be told that most of everyone you came to see would gather again in the next century for a combination revival/AA meeting, would you have even known what anybody who told you this would be referring to? Pre-eminent Chicago folk trio, Sons of the Never Wrong, round up all your old pals for a set that leans heavily on Jesus and pulls no punches. Wronger Bruce Roper even sounds like Steve Goodman at his sardonic best, even vocally, at times. This is a newly seminal work for contemporary folk fans.” Midwest Record



“One of the best folk bands of our time out pushing the envelope once again with some of the most literate, provocative lyrics around. Easily the band at their mind blowing best as they enter their 20th year together, this is contemporary folk that others could learn from. Killer stuff throughout you won’t regret a minute of. Check it out.” Midwest Record

“Sons perfectly celebrate their twentieth anniversary with this magnificent piece.” Moors Mag. Netherlands

“King Fisher King is a celebration of their 20 years of existence. That longevity qualifies them as folk music’s answer to The Rolling Stones.” Examiner

“A gorgeous folk record.” Time Out

“At the risk of sounding hokey as hell, Sons never are. Roper’s witty, Celtic-jaunty Arkansas; Demel’s lilting Eve; and Roper/Demel’s Over There kick off this 20th birthday celebration like no other band would dare to. ‘Cos y’see, the Sons understand elementally that life is endurance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything from it and become a source of humor & light for others as Windows, Great Unknown, and the hit single that never will be, Lader’s pop-whimsical I’d Marry You bear out.” Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange



“Bruce Roper, of Sons of the Never Wrong, breaks out here with his debut solo album. It’s a work of sheer beauty and genius that will leave you dazzled, charmed, heartbroken and uplifted. … the album is full of memorable instant classics… Put this on your must hear list!” Sing Out!